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About Canvas

The Story Behind Canvas Skin…

Bridget Word Cunningham began her modeling career in the late 1980s. After several productions, she launched out to become one of the leading minority owned and operated modeling agencies in Philadelphia. Elite Unlimited became known for aspiring young people of color. Elite Unlimited began a sub-division of charm and etiquette for children and pre-teens in 1991; while also developing young men and women in runway, print, and television.

In 2004, Bridget attended Jean Madeline for esthetics to further her knowledge of skin care and management. After graduating, she worked with many upscale salon and spas before deciding to open Canvas Soup in the fall of 2007.

Canvas Soup (Skin) was conceived initially as only a skin salon, but then branch off into a full service beauty lounge, servicing clients in all areas of beauty and skin along with photography (Blackeye Soup). Canvas Soup has mastered its enviable service to all those who seek a higher experience of expertise, maturity, and wisdom.

Canvas Soup (Skin) prides itself on educational platforms, career advancement, paid continual educational seminars, professional in-house development symposiums, employee developed service upgrades, and the overall commitment to clients. Not to mention, the chocolate mint given to each guest prior to their departure. It is Canvas Soup’s (Skin’s) way of saying, “How sweet it was to service you.”

Canvas Soup, Inc. has developed a pre-teen/teen entity. We desire to introduce, to young ladies and young men, the importance of grooming, hair regimen, skin and body care, along with social skills. Both genders will also receive information on the dos and don’ts as it relates to dating, dining, and embracing mature choices that can affect their future. We will touch on social development, cyber media, and the overall well-being of each student. We can teach group classes at your location or ours.  These classes range in size from 8 to 20 students. For pricing, please call our office (215) 991-6009.